How to Balance Your Diet During Critical Time of COVID-19

How to Balance Your Diet During Critical Time of COVID-19

It’s been painful three months of 2020, all thanks to the coronavirus that destroyed and still destroying millions of lives on the planet. With each passing day, the numbers are breaking a new record, the situation has become so worse that countries like Chine, Italy, UK, Nepal, and the U.S. have sealed their borders to avoid any traveler carrying COVID-19.

In this hassle of coronavirus, boosting our immune system has become more urgent than ever and that’s the only thing we can do to avoid this deadly virus.

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Sheena Cruickshank, the professor of immunology at the University of Manchester says that- to strengthen your immune system first you need to understand the soldiers in your army which turns out to be impressive and powerful.

“When your body comes into the contact with the virus it has never met before, it creates the barrier to stop it from getting into your system.” in order to keep the intruders out of the system, you need to strengthen your immune system. That’s the reason many people turning toward the Dietary and Health Supplements.

What Can We Do To Boost Our Immune System?

While basic hygiene practices like washing hands for 20 seconds are published as a necessity, it is also important to include anti-viral food in the diet. Here are some of the anti-viral foods that you can add in your diet to boost immunity.


Garlic is known for its strong ordeal as well as health and medical properties. In fact, one clove contains the Manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Selenium, Fiber, and other nutrients your body requires to fight back enemies. You can eat it raw, mashed, or add in your dishes and soup. Many specialists suggest that eating chopped raw garlic with the tablespoon of honey in two or three days is a great way to boost your immune system.

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Asian people have used turmeric in both cooking and medicine since ancient times. Nowadays, people consider it as one of the most powerful nutrition supplement to fight back diseases like fever, cold and flu. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory compound, contains bioactive compounds with powerful medicinal properties that boost both body and brain health. The ideal way to add Turmeric Curcumin in your diet is by taking Turmeric Supplements available at the Healthy Naturals

Star Anise

This star-shaped spice contains the shikimic acid that is used as the base material for the Tamiflu which is an antiviral medication used to treat and prevent the influenza virus. The best way to incorporate the star anise in your daily diet is to boil it in the water and add in your morning or evening tea.  

Coconut oil

Cooking your daily meals in coconut oil will not only increase the intake of healthy fatty acids but also encourage heart health and reduce the seizures. The lauric acid and caprylic acids in the coconut plays a crucial role in protecting the body against the virus.

Vitamin-C rich foods

Vitamin-c rich foods such as orange, lemon, amla, red pepper, and vitamin-C supplements are must to have during the coronavirus epidemic. You can easily add these ingredients into the immunity-boosting soup and avoid any symptoms of the corona.

Other essentials

Other essentials like Vitamin D3 can also help to prevent low immunity. Aside from this, you should also keep your distance from the white sugar. Couple minerals like Zinc and selenium with good exercise and proper sleep to stay healthy.

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