Multivitamins: The Truth Behind The Claims

Multivitamins: The Truth Behind The Claims

Melanie Krauthoff once stated that “Multivitamins can be useful if someone’s immune system is stressed. But if your body doesn’t need those vitamins, it won’t absorb them” which lifted the fog of the assumption that eating vitamins on a daily basis can lead a healthy lifestyle.

More than half of the popularity of the United States including 70 percent of the citizens above the age of 60 consume vitamin capsules and mineral supplements on a daily basis. If we talk about the price tag it exceeds the total amount of $ 12 billion per year.

The nutrient expert doctor Johns Hopkins said, “People should spend this money on other food items like fruits, vegetables, grains, and low-fat dairy products.” so, does it mean that multivitamins don’t work? Well, it does work but the effects of multivitamins highly depend on the reason why you are taking them. Do you have a vitamin deficiency? Then, yes they will work for you! Taking them to stay healthy then, they may not work for you as your body will not absorb them if you don’t need them- flushing out your hundreds of dollars.

What Do You Actually Know About Multivitamins?

Putting all the studies and researches aside, what do you exactly know about multivitamins? There are many who assumes that multivitamins are the pills that provide the essential vitamins and minerals to fulfill the requirement of our body. Out of all the surveys and studies performed on the multivitamins the physicians’ health study, II turned out to be the best one. It was the first and only test that involved such a large-scale clinical trial to test one of the multivitamins, people usually take to fulfill the daily requirements of vitamins and minerals.

In the survey, a large group of physicians took the multivitamin or a placebo pill for more than a decade. Although the test results have been mixed out with other results, it helped to learn if the multivitamins have any health benefits or not.

Does Multivitamin Have Any Proven Health Benefits?

The physicians’ and other studies indicate that multivitamins have several health benefits including-

  • Eye health: the studies have found that multivitamins can help to improve the brain functions in adults. Along with this, studies also revealed the direct link between vitamin deficiency and bad mood and multivitamins and a good mood.  
  • Brain function: age-related eye issues like cataracts are leading the blindness in adults worldwide. The studies have highlighted that consuming multivitamins may slow down the progress of the progression of Age-related macular degenerations.
  • Risk of Cancer: People who consume multivitamins are 8% less likely to be diagnosed with a life-threatening disease like cancer.

Multivitamins May Be Harmful in Some Cases

Dosage is the crucial factor when it comes to incorporating the multivitamin or any other health supplement into the diet. Although the high amount of some vitamins are recommended by doctors other can be extremely harmful to your health. Therefore, it is highly suggested to consult with your physicians before adding the vitamins into the daily diet.

In the end, you cannot just start consuming multivitamins to fix your poor diet. Eating a proper meal with supplements can only ensure a long and healthy life.

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