Don’t Feel Down- Welcome Spring with These Social Distancing Tips

Don’t Feel Down- Welcome Spring with These Social Distancing Tips

The best season of the year falls on Thursday, March 19, 2020, earlier than it’s been for a century. We all know that spring represents the time when the northern hemisphere will tilt toward the sun and we will be blessed with longer and sunnier days. Among the corona pandemic, let’s hope the spring will be the time when we will heal ourselves and go back to days filled with health and wealth.

As for the time being most of us are staying at home to stop the spread of the dangerous COVID-19 virus but that doesn’t mean that all the hope is lost! The spring days will bring longer and happier days, which will add more positivity to the surrounding environment. In this time, you can hear birds chirping and flower blooming so, crack open your window and fill your lungs with the fresh gush of air.

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How to celebrate spring when you are home?

Staying during spring you don’t have to feel tensed or stressed. You can consider the current situation as an opportunity to practice deep and thorough cleaning. Whether you are in lockdown or just practicing the social-distancing for a while, there are various ways to welcome the spring this year. Yes, your methods may differ from previous years but it will indeed bring joy and happiness. Here are the ways, we suggest you follow:

Plant an indoor herb garden

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the aroma of the fresh herbs so, this year why don’t you plant some in your garden. Order a home gardening kit online and start gardening. If you have kids at home then, involve them as well. Small potted herbs are ideal for your window sills, balcony areas, kitchen and work counter top. Once they start blooming you can use them to add the savory flavor in your salad and other food items like pasta, soups, and roles.

Bake with the family

The spring brings the change in the surrounding environment making it an ideal time to enjoy a sweet and tasty treat. So, how about baking some yummy cookies, cake and muffins?

You have got ingredient at home and recipe online so, what are your waiting for? Let’s start your baking party today.

To make it fun and tasty, you can also add some sprinkle, colorful M&M, or bright icing to make it more delicious. It is a great activity to keep kids and family engaged during the self-isolation- they will love decorating and eating colorful cookies. If you need some inspiration then, feel free to search online.

Clean your backyard

If you always dream to have time to polish your BBQ equipment or bring out your patio furniture in the sunlight then, now is the time. Do a quick work by cleaning up your dirty, dusty and grime that’s piled up for winters. Then clean and decorate the free space you have in the backyard with the cushions, lanterns, and candles brighten up both space and your mood. When the sun is brighter sit outside and soaks yourself in the sunlight.

Start a self-care routine

Spring symbolizes a new beginning so, why don’t you have a fresh start? Get a new hobby like painting, dancing, playing an instrument, or start yoga practices, learn self-defense as a part of the new self-routine. Make wellness a priority for you, if you are responsible to look after the whole family then, you have to make your health a priority.

Shake off the winter blue with the above tips while practicing the social distancing to welcome spring with open arms. We hope this season may bring happiness, health and wealth for you and your family.

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