Turmeric – No Longer Just a Spice

Turmeric – No Longer Just a Spice

Adding flavor to our food dishes isn’t the solitary thing turmeric does, it even adds wellness to our health as well. Be it inflammatory condition like arthritis, mental depression or skin related issues, turmeric has always been the remedy worth giving a shot.

Though turmeric’s exceptional medicinal properties are no new discovery to mankind yet researchers keep coming up with such findings about this herb which makes it even more special and vital. One such is Turmeric being as effective in pain as drug-like ‘ibuprofen happens to be. Some studies seem to indicate anti-diabetic nature of turmeric as well in addition to it being anti-inflammatory and a strong antioxidant.

The secret to turmeric being this effective lies in its composition. Curcumin being one of the most active bio-compounds found in turmeric actually brings about all those betterment which is usually attributed to Turmeric. Curcumin mitigates inflammation associated with arthritis really very well by blocking the action of certain enzymes and cytokines that adds to inflammation and hence offers relief. Since Curcumin is an antioxidant as well it neutralizes free radicals and doesn’t let them cause any trouble to us any further. Our skin condition too gets better as curcumin renders our skin more glowing and healthy.

Turmeric’s ability to offer relief in arthritis and other such conditions has earned it an acceptance worldwide. Its use as primary spice and for medicinal purposes has gone up and since it’s natural, it’s safe to consume as well. Turmeric is being used as home remedy as well as its external application eases pain quite effectively. This herb is indeed a gift from mother nature to the entire mankind to stay healthy, happy and glowing.

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